Community involvement

We do our best to give back to our community, too, as we understand that giving to each other in times of need is what keeps us all connected to each other.  No one is ever alone when they are part of a community.  We are proud to announce that we are proud to be working in collaborating with Sick Kids Foundation so that we can be part of creating a positive future for those who have a hard time getting there on their own.

Sewing World makes a monthly donation which is donated to buy more beds in the hospital.  Like many hospitals, there are simply not enough beds, so we do our part each month to make sure that those kids who need the help are able to get into the hospital.  This is the way that we do our part, and we are hoping that our contributions, however small they may be, make a huge difference in the future of some children who are looking for a fresh and healthy start.

We are proud of our community and honored to be part of one that is so giving and supportive of each other.  We understand, in offering programs for children ourselves through Sewing World, that all it takes is for a child to be given an opportunity, and the whole world can be changed.  This is why we are so seriously dedicated to making those monthly donations that we do, and we know that every little bit makes a difference. 

In the future we hope to do even more than that, and we hope that our dedication will inspire you to do the same thing too in your own way.  The more people who are working to help those who will one day become out future, the brighter and more successful that future is going to be for all of us and those who will continue it on their own.