diy: fall into a pile of quilted autumn leaves

With the start of some cooler nights, a few trees here in Michigan are just starting to turn colors. The reds, oranges and golds really say Autumn. I wanted to capture the fall colors and came up with my own quilted autumn leaves that you can use to decorate a table, spruce up a fall arrangement or even make as a quick coaster.

This pattern includes two leaves with raw edges. They are quick to stitch up and you can rake — I mean make — a pile in a few hours. It is fat-quarter-fabric-friendly, too.

What you will need

  • 5 coordinating fat quarters in fall fabrics (18 x 22-inch squares)
  • Batting
  • Contrasting threads
  • Washable or erasable fabric marker
  • 90/14 Quilting needle
  • Walking foot (This makes it easier to quilt because the fabric doesn’t slide.)

 What you will need to do


  • From each fabric, 2 squares 9 x 11 inches
  • From batting, cut 1 square for each fabric color 9 x 11 inches


Using the autumn leaves pattern, make templates to trace around. I glued the pattern to light cardboard and cut them out to use as a template.

Position the templates on the right side of the fabric and trace around them with your fabric marker. Be sure to leave space to cut around the leaf to leave a raw edge.

Make a quilt sandwich placing the batting between the two fabric squares, right sides facing out.

Pin or baste the quilt sandwich together.


I used two threads for the upper thread to make the stitching more prominent. I literally just threaded both threads through the machine like you would a single thread. I used a larger eye 90/14 quilting needle so I could get both threads through the eye. You may have a decorative stitch that you can use with one thread that will backstitch for a heavier stitch treatment. Experiment to see what you like.

Start at the bottom of the leaf on the line you traced. Slowly, put the needle down and back up through the fabric once and pull the bottom thread to the top of the fabric. This will keep the threads neat on both sides.

Stitch the outline of your leaf. Then move up the inside of the leaf for the veins. I stitched to the top and then backtracked back down the leaf, double stitching each line and then finished off back at the bottom of the leaf.


Trim your threads.  Carefully cut ¼” to3/8” around the outside of your leaf.

Wash out or erase any remaining tracing lines and iron your leaf.


Scatter your leaves on the coffee table, front entry or as a center piece on the dining table.  Make up extra maple leaves for drink coasters. Arrange them around a vase of flowers or centerpiece.

Rake up a pile of autumn leaves and share with me how you decorated your home!  Did you find any new uses for your quilted leaves?