Five Fashion Sewing Musts

Everyone loves to recreate and repurpose pieces they already have in their wardrobe, and what better way than altering them yourself! In this article we’ll tell you all about the five fashion sewing musts you need to know to bring new life to your wardrobe. What about creating your own garments? It’s all possible and it’s all in your own hands!

1. Adjusting patterns is mandatoryFirstly, you need to get used to working with patterns and figuring out what looks best on your body type. Did you know that commercial patterns are actually sized to fit a woman who is 5’5” with a B-cup bust? Not so typical. Adjust your patterns to your measurements and you can go about tailoring any piece you already own to fit you better or in a brand new way.
2. Sew yourself some collarsCollars may seem like a common element of design for shirts but you can add them to dresses to ramp up any look. Mastering the collar will also make you a master of disguise, because no one will recognize your outfit after you add one! 
3. Sergers are your friendsWe all want to make the process of making and creating clothes to be fast and painless. One way to make this happen is by getting in the habit of using a serger. Of course you can sew knits on your standard machine, but a serger just makes it more fun. 
4. Get familiar with some feet
No, not those feet. Get familiar with all the specialty feet that are available for your sewing machine. More feet mean more techniques and thus, more possibilities for style. Using specialized feet make whatever look your trying to achieve happen faster and cleaner. Hemmer foot and pintuck foot are usually a good place to start! 
5. Don’t waste your waist 
Just like collars, waist details can really make an outfit pop! Working on your waist is east since again, it’s a common design element that just needs a little more attention than usual. Elastic waist bands are also a good option to create the desired fit on a garment. 
With these sewing fashion musts you can take any piece and any budget and make it fabulous. So, get to sewing!